in the past decade i have build a continuous ever changing practice focusing on building complex multifaceted frameworks which include a transdisciplinary approach, intuitive and creative thinking, layered structure and aesthetic value. 

alongside my artistic and entrepreneurial practice i offer teaching, mentoring and creative guidance for those who needs 

support in a moments of major setbacks or a slight instability. 

i create unique trajectories for individuals and companies to overcome any types of difficulties, creative blocks, uncertainties or emotional dips. i adres vision crisis, reviving meaning by 

revitalising energies, bringing in a different perspective, questing 

for intrinsic motivations, breaking thinking pattens, leading to a rediscovery of joy and contemptment.

using various techniques rooted in psychology, sociology, art, cognitive science and other disciplines i apply intuitive and playful approach, creating an unconventional perspective on personal and professional mentoring.  

either project-based or goal-lacking, long or short term, i am guiding through a process of self transformation inducing the capacity to get into the flow, 

taping into intrinsic motivations.

if you are looking for an unconventional approach to augment  transformative processes, i can help. for the individual trajectories, after a first dialogue, i design a proposal which we adjust together to reach desired goals.


in case you are looking for a productive disruption of your team for a project-based guidance, send me an email with a brief outline of the project. 

always feel free to contact for more information about mentoring, education activities, lectures, workshops, coaching trajectories or consultancy sessions.